Posted by larrypalmer on June 5, 2014

Hi. Welcome to Fastrack Marketing Academy and my blog. Please feel free to comment, engage, and ask questions. I will do my best to answer as time permits.

You will notice a couple of things about my blog that are perhaps a little different than the usual business related blog. The first thing you will notice is that this blog is primarily a video blog. Much like the www.fastrackmarketingacademy.com website that contains over 150 hours of marketing and business growth training in video form (and much, much more), this blog relies on short videos to convey valuable information and insights.

The second difference is that this blog is primarily made up of curated content. I spend hours and hours every week searching the internet, reading books, and listening to podcasts to find the best advice for growing your small business and taking back your time. It is my sincere desire that by posting information that parallels, enhances, or shows different perspectives from the lessons contained inside the Fastrack Marketing Academy site that my blog will be a valuable resource for site subscribers, mastermind group members, and coaching clients.

More importantly, I want this blog to become a valuable resource for the struggling and frustrated business owners that are not yet able to afford the benefits that Fastrack Marketing Academy can provide. I hope that in some small way I can improve your odds of becoming a member of the small group of business owners who are still in business after 5 years and the even smaller group of business owners that last 10 years and beyond.

Wishing you profitable growth in your business.